Methods are important. However, university education often lacks the opportunity to sufficiently practice and reflect on different methodological approaches. At the Vienna Autumn School of Methods, space will be created precisely for this.

You can find our program on There you find an overview over all sessions of each workgroup (which are based on each other).

Further information

During two days, you will deepen your knowledge in a methodological approach of your choice in small working groups of about ten to twenty people and under the guidance of an experienced researcher. Up to four participants can actively contribute material from their current research work in order to keep the discussion close to research practice. Of course you can also participate in the working groups if you do not wish to actively contribute material.

The work in the working groups is framed by keynotes, a panel discussion and a poster session. In the poster session you can present your own research in order to make your work better known and get helpful feedback.


If you would like to discuss material from your own research in the working groups or present a poster, please send an abstract of maximum 1,000 words to

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Julia Reischl, Ilse Schrittesser, Dominik Froehlich and Ann-Katrin Gegenhuber